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Resume work after Spring Festival

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Resume work after Spring Festival



On February 17, 2024 (the eighth day of the first lunar month), Zhejiang Sanyao Heavy Forging Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Sanyao") fully resumed work.

After experiencing a short Spring Festival holiday, all employees of Sanyao devoted to intense work at the beginning of the New Year. Into the production workshop of Sanyao, the machine roared, and the employees wearing overalls and safety helmets were busy in their respective posts in an orderly manner, meticulously completing the work task.Outside the workshop, the sales team was also working hard to carry out business. Through close communication with customers, they not only provide customers with professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, but also actively collect customer feedback to provide strong support for further improvement of products and services.The busy scene highlights the company's determination and confidence in the comprehensive resumption of work. Enterprise departments and employees communicate and coordinate and cooperate closely to ensure that the entire production process is smooth and unobstructed,with meticulous and professional producing a piece of high-quality forging products.

The focus of Sanyao's work this year will be transferred from the domestic market to foreign markets. To achieve this goal, the company has set a detailed overseas market expansion plan and is equipped with a professional sales team.First of all, the company will increase its research on overseas markets, understand the characteristics and needs of the local market, and provide a more accurate basis for the positioning and promotion of products. Secondly, the company will also increase the improvement of product quality to meet the demand for high-quality products in foreign markets. In addition to formulating a specific expansion plan, Sanyao also conducted professional training on sales staff to enhance its international marketing capabilities to better cope with the challenges of foreign markets.

As a company specializing in heavy forging, Sanyao has always won the favor of customers with high quality and efficient production methods. Facing the New Year, all employees of Sanyao will devote themselves to the work of the New Year with higher enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. The company will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "quality first, customer first", continuously promote technological innovation, and go all out to meet the needs of customers. It is hoped that in the new year, create more value for customers, and also look forward to cooperating with more foreign customers to create a better future.