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Enterprise activity

2024-05-23 17:34:13
On May 18, 2024, the management of Sanyao Heavy Forging Co., Ltd. presented the Safety Production Award to all employees and held a dinner for all employees to affirm their hard work and high attention and recognition of safety production. 

Production safety is an important foundation for the development of enterprises, and it is also the guarantee of employees' health and life safety. In the past year, our employees have strictly followed the safety operation procedures and strictly implemented the safety production measures, which is worthy of praise. Therefore, this dinner party aims to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for employees, so that they can relax and enjoy a pleasant time after work.

At the dinner, the company leaders appreciated the efforts made by the employees in production safety, and further emphasized the importance of production safety, pointed out that safety is the cornerstone of the company's development, is the responsibility of each employee, and encouraged employees to continue to maintain good safety awareness, constantly improve the level of safety production, and contribute to the development of the company. The leaders also pledged to further increase investment in work safety to create a safer working environment for employees and ensure the safety and health of everyone.

The whole dinner was filled with a happy and warm atmosphere, where the staff put down the pressure of work and enjoyed this rare moment of relaxation. They communicated with each other, shared their work experience and knowledge, told their interesting lives, and enhanced mutual understanding and friendship.

This dinner is not only a celebration of the safety production award, but also a motivation for the company's team cohesion and staff enthusiasm. Through such activities, the company creates a united and upward working atmosphere, stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. At the same time, this is also a useful attempt to build the company's culture, so that employees feel the company's care and support, enhance their sense of belonging and loyalty.

In the future, the company will continue to be committed to safe production work, and constantly improve the level of safety management to ensure the safety and health of employees. At the same time, the company will continue to hold similar celebrations to create a more harmonious and pleasant working atmosphere for employees and encourage them to contribute to the development of the company. The Safe Production Award is just the beginning, and the company will continue to work hard to create a better working environment and development platform for employees.