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Domestic scrap steel market first weak then strong operation

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Domestic scrap steel market first weak then strong operation


(April 6 - April 12)

Article selected from China Metallurgical News (Page 6, Page 06, April 17, 2024)

China scrap steel application Association information statistics Department

Recently, the domestic scrap steel market is first weak then strong operation, the price fluctuation is not large, the market resource circulation is low, the base of receiving goods is increase in difficulty, the arrival of steel enterprises has shrunk significantly, and the scrap steel consumption has decreased. Compared with the previous week, the average purchase price of scrap steel in key steel enterprises was reduced by 14 yuan/ton for heavy steel scrap, 24 yuan/ton for medium steel scrap, and 10 yuan/ton for general steel scrap.

In April, with the stabilization of steel prices, the eighth round of coke price reduction landed, and the profits of steel enterprises were slightly repaired, which was good for scrap steel. Affected by the good market situation, scrap merchants have covered goods to wait and see, the willingness to ship is not strong, scrap steel turnover is low, the arrival situation of steel enterprises is poor, individual steel enterprises have inventory replenishment demand, supporting scrap steel prices. However, taking into account the repeated fluctuations in the price of finished materials, the end demand has not been significantly improved, and the price difference between hot metal and scrap steel is inverted, the use of scrap steel for long process steel enterprises is not cost-effective, short process steel enterprises are still in a state of loss, and scrap consumption is difficult to have a large increase. On the whole, it is expected that the short-term domestic scrap market will be consolidated and the price increase will be limited.

Scrap steel prices in East China have stopped falling and stabilized, the shipping speed of merchants has declined, and the profitability of steel companies is poor, mainly based on on-demand procurement.

In central China, the price of scrap steel fell first and then rose, and the base covered the goods to wait and see, and the amount of steel enterprises arrived was less than the daily consumption, and there was demand for replenishment.

The scrap steel market in South China is running strongly, and the tight market supply has been alleviated after the price rise, and the inventory of steel enterprises has risen slowly.

The scrap price in the southwest is mainly stable, the base receives the goods in general, and the arrival situation has not improved after the steel scrap purchase price rose slightly.

In the northwest, the price of scrap steel has risen steadily, the cost performance of scrap steel smelting is not high, and the enthusiasm of steel enterprises to use scrap is not high.

The scrap steel price in Northeast China is stable, the base inventory level is low, the business operation goes with the market, some steel enterprises are overhauled, and the scrap consumption is low.

Scrap steel prices in North China have stopped falling and risen, the flow rate of market resources has accelerated, and the profit space of steel enterprises is limited, and the enthusiasm of procurement is general.