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Forging industry talent to add new impetus

Industry News

Forging industry talent to add new impetus

2024-04-25 11:44:26
Article selected from China Forging Association 2024-4-3

The five-day 2024 precision Forging production technology training course held by China Forging Association came to a successful conclusion in Wuhu. The training course attracted the technical backbone and management personnel of forging enterprises from all over the country to participate.
This training course invited 7 people from colleges and universities, well-known experts in the industry, and frontline technical experts of enterprises to serve as lecturers. The course content is rich, and the lecturers combined their rich experience and actual cases to explain all aspects of precision forging technology in a simple way for the students. The students have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the core content and latest development of precision forging technology, and have a more profound understanding and mastery of precision forging technology.
The holding of this training course has cultivated a group of high-quality and highly skilled professionals for the forging industry, and injected new vitality into the sustainable development and innovation of the industry. From more than 20 enterprises, more than 30 business representatives participated in the training, they have said that they will apply the knowledge and skills learned to practical work, and contribute their own strength to the development of enterprises.
Although the short training is over, the development of China's forging industry still needs to move forward steadily. It is hoped that enterprises engaged in the forging industry can continue to strengthen learning, constantly enrich the knowledge reserve of enterprises, and constantly upgrade the forging process level to provide sufficient technical support for the road of vigorous development of enterprises!
China Forging Association will continue to strengthen training and promotion work to provide more learning opportunities and platforms for practitioners in the forging industry. At the same time, it will also actively promote technological innovation and cooperation and exchanges in the industry, and jointly promote the sustainable development and prosperity of the forging industry.